Home Server

I have recently have another go with my home server – This time with a 1.4GHz Celeron, complete with 512MB ram an a 40GB hard disk. It works a treat!

It’s got cli-only install of Debian Squeeze (6.0), running as a DHCP server, DNS Server, and chiefly a squid proxy server. Every computer/device in the house is configured to use the machine as a proxy. Whenever a website is loaded, static elements such as images, flash files, and some pages (static ones…) are saved to the proxies cache. Then, whenever a page is re-requested, rather than re-download everything again (including images, and other bandwidth-consuming items), it can serve them from the local cache – reducing internet bandwidth usage, and reducing load time! Both great things, especially considering that I have a 30GB on-peak bandwidth limit. There are some issues with caching YouTube (because of their particularly efficient usage of load balancing)… but some fixes have been suggested online. Research shall be done!

I use a DG834G as my router, and have flashed it with the TeamDG Firmware. While this is great, it does not allow me to SAVE iptables rules, which is very unfortunate. If this was possible, then I could start using transparent proxying, which would mean that clients did not need to be configured – useful if a guest uses our wireless network, for example. Oh well, you can’t win them all!

Along with dhcp3-server, bind9 and squid2.7, I have also installed Apache and Munin. This lets me view nice graphs of various things, including RAM usage, CPU Usage, hard disk usage, eth0 bandwidth utilisation and squid proxy status. You can view it here if you are so inclined!


A couple of weeks ago, I began work on rCMS – content management system that I am coding. It is designed to be very lightweight, fast, and easy to use. At the moment, I have the core functionality sorted. It is coded in PHP and mySQL – I might look into ODBC, but I don’t think that the kind of website that rCMS would be used for would warrant it’s usage. But research shall be done!

I have not yet decided how expansion should be done. For instance – if as user wanted an image gallery, how should this be allowed? A plug-in system of some description will probably be required… I will need to give it quite some thought, though.

I will keep this blog updated with my progress!


So, I’ve decided to go with WordPress. For now. Blogga wasn’t quite cutting it. I don’t think it was that great for SEO, and my “hack”, while a definite help, did not allow the blog to function as I wanted it to. It put me off posting, which certainly isn’t a good thing. The blog would get somewhat neglected even if it was running under the perfect system! I will be able to use the WordPress app for my phone now, which again, should help encourage me. I will also include some code hi-lighting plugins to help make things clearer, and maybe tweak this theme a little bit.