Diaspora* Pod

So, I’ve set up a Diaspora* pod. Diaspora* is a service similar to twitter/facebook, but it with (at least) one crucial difference. Rather than being run by one big company who has control over everyones data, many nodes (known as pods) are run by groups or individuals. Depending on how you see it, this could mean that your data is more secure – if you trust the owner of the pod, then you know that your information will not be sold or traded with anyone. I’m not expecting everyone in the world to abandon other social media sites – but it’s something you can try out if you’re interested. There is a lot more information about Diaspora* here.

I have recently acquired a few domain names, one of which is 23p.net. While this doesn’t really mean anything, I have decided to use it as the name of my Diaspora* pod because it is short, and easy to remember.

I hope to do a more technical writeup soon, but in the mean time, why not check it out? My Diaspora Username is josephredfern@23p.net.

Skipping certificate checks with wget

Just a quick post – If you want to download a file using wget from a server that has an invalid SSL certificate (expired, not from a trusted issuer etc) then you can use the  --no-check-certificate flag to make wget ignore such errors.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t blindly ignore certificate errors. If you’re downloading from what is normally a trusted source and have no reason to expect to be presented with an invalid cert, then further investigation is due.