So far, it’s been a pretty busy summer. I have spent some time transferring the Modern Glass website over from Drupal to WordPress – mostly for ease-of-use in terms of updating. Along with it have come some speed increases, and SEO optimisations.

This was not a major undertaking – however, the Customer Portal which came with it was getting close to being!


The system was created to allow customers to easily access  and comment on quotes. At Modern Glass, once a quote has been entered into the main computer system, it is saved as a PDF. The Customer Portal which I have created allows the PDF and design files to be uploaded to the site, where the files are turned into thumbnails. Once the quote and all of it’s attatchments are uploaded, the user will recieve an email to tell them that a quote has been added to their account. When they click on the link to view the quote, the time and date at which the quote was viewed is recorded and sent by email to Modern Glass. The customer has the option of adding a comment to the quote – this comment can be replied to by a member of staff.

There are other interesting projects going on this summer – including an automated booking system allowing customers to charter a yacht! I update this blog with my progress.