I’ve just bought a new laptop (Lenovo x230), and decided to go with a Debian Testing install. One of the problems I ran into was that I was unable to start an AVD (Android Virtual Device) using the GUI – the AVD manager would just crash, and I’d end up with a “java.awt.HeadlessException” exception printed to my console.

Google suggested that this was due to some incompatability between the AVD Manager and `openjdk-7-jre`, and that the fix was to remove `openjdk-7-jre` and replace it with `openjdk-6-jre`. I didn’t really want to have to do that, so came up with an alternative solution.

By downloading openjdk-6-jre, and modifying the ‘android’ bash script (located in android-sdk-linux/tools/android) by changing the line:




it becomes possible to use Java 7 by default, but run the AVD Manager under Java 6.