I was recently playing around with the “GNUPanel” Hosting control panel software. While trying to install the dependencies (with the install-dep.sh file), I encountered the error:

Debian version not supported

Even though the GNUPanel site seemed to say that Debian Squeeze was supported.

A quick look at the install-dep.sh file showed that it relied on the mawk unix utility.

By running apt-get install mawk, we can solve this problem and continue with the installation.


I’ve now had a chance to play around with GNUPanel a bit more, and unfortunately, I don’t think it’s fully up to scratch. The installation process was pretty clunky – the automated installed script forced me to manually confirm the installation of at least 10 groups of packages. Once the software was installed, I had to guess at the username – and the web interface was also pretty…. “ropey”. These are mainly minor issues, and I’m sure that with some TLC, the project can progress, and become much more useable.