So, I’ve decided to try and publish more things to GitHub this year – starting with LogBox. LogBox will hopefully soon become a collection of scripts that can be used to monitor the performance of websites hosted on shared hosting servers. At the moment, LogBox contains only the one script, which goes by the name of “loadavg”. If you’ve every used a *nix machine before, you’ll probably know what the load average is – it is a measurement of the current CPU load, usually over the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

The loadavg script will check the load average of the server which it is being run on, and if the reported load averages cross a certain threshold, then a warning email will be sent to an email address of your choice. In addition to this, the current load averages will be logged to a MySQL Database.

The script is designed to be run as a cronjob (which most shared hosts support) – however, if cron is not available then it is possible to use “fakecron”, which is available here:

Click Here to check out LogBox on GitHub