So, Apple have added 250 new functions to their new operating system, Lion. That’s great – well done. But what I FAIL to understand is why on earth they have got rid of some really handy functions. Apple have made a big fuss about the new functionality, but they have failed to mention what important features have been removed.  Below is a list of things that used to be in OSX 10.6.x – AKA “Snow Leopard” (I am listing as I find – so this list is far from exhaustive. Leave a comment if you’ve noticed anything).

  1. The “DigitalColor Meter” has lost all of it’s useful functionality (useful to me, anyway). You can no longer get a hex value for the colour that you have picked. A workaround (which shouldn’t be necessary) is to make an AppleScript file containing the line “choose color”.
  2. You can no longer zoom in within a finder window (with two fingers or otherwise). WHY would this be removed? I just dont understand it. I used to use it daily. I am not aware of any kind of workaround for this.
It’s not a huge list at the moment… but I have a feeling that it will grow.