If all goes well with my A-Levels, I will be going to either Cardiff university to study for a BSc Computer Science, or Aberysywyth University for an MEng in Software Engineering – During which time, I will (hopefully) be producing lot of work! At the moment, I do not own an external hard drive… and finances are pretty tight, so I wont be able to invest in one until I have some spare cash. If this does not happen before going to uni, I have decided to rsync all of my work to the home server which I talked about in my last post.

Hopefully, as a client machine on the universities network (which should be plugged into the JANET backbone), I will have a pretty fast upload speed. If this is the case, then I should be able to upload files to my home server at around 850KB/s – and since rsync will only copy new/modified files, this should mean that I only have the one time-consuming backup… the rest should just take a minute or two.

I will let you know how I get on with that… I’m sure that you will all be sitting on the edges of your seats!