Skipping certificate checks with wget

Just a quick post – If you want to download a file using wget from a server that has an invalid SSL certificate (expired, not from a trusted issuer etc) then you can use the  --no-check-certificate flag to make wget ignore such errors.

It’s worth noting that you shouldn’t blindly ignore certificate errors. If you’re downloading from what is normally a trusted source and have no reason to expect to be presented with an invalid cert, then further investigation is due.

21 thoughts on “Skipping certificate checks with wget

  1. Thanks 🙂 There’s a trivial method of finding this option via wget’s help:

    [root@unknown root]$ wget -h|grep certificate
    –no-check-certificate don’t validate the server’s certificate.
    –certificate=FILE client certificate file.
    –certificate-type=TYPE client certificate type, PEM or DER.
    –ca-certificate=FILE file with the bundle of CA’s.

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