I have recently started work on what is currently called “VPS Wiki”.

The aim of the Wiki is to provide a centralised location for information about using Linux, performing general sysadmin duties, as well as some programming basics. I think the site will naturally change in time – It might lean more strongly towards a particular topic. If that happens, then I will rename the site – I thought “VPS Wiki” was a good starting point, especially given my recent venture.

Some people might think “What’s the point in this – can’t people just google for the answer?”. However, Because technology is rapidly changing, I find that it can be difficult to find relevant, up-to-date solutions to problems that I encounter. I think having a central database of of useful content could be very handy.

I’d really appreciate any contributions towards the wiki – at the moment, you need an account to edit/create pages. You can check the Wiki out here.